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Accident aeronautic

Press release:

On July 13 at 17:55, an aviation accident occurred off the island of Samos with an the helicopter Reg. number ER-MHU , which was operating under a firefighting contract in Greece. As a result of the accident the helicopter fell into the water while collecting water to extinguish fires. At the moment, it is known that two crew members survived and are in a satisfactory condition in the hospital and one of the crew members and the Greek coordinator died. According to preliminary information, adverse weather conditions could be the cause of the disaster. The reasons of the accident are being investigated a. The body of the deceased pilot will be repatriated to Republic of Moldova.


The air company "VALAN ICC" managed to establish contact with the commander of the helicopter Reg. number ER-MHU, who is currently hospitalized and the following statements were made:

As a result of the aviation accident on July 13, the following crew members survived:

Aircraft commander.

Board mechanic.

The state of health is satisfactory.

Unfortunately, the co-pilot and the Greek coordinator died.

Air Company "VALAN ICC" is taking all necessary measures to repatriate the deceased co-pilot as soon as possible.

Also, work continues on the investigation of the accident.

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Published: July 14, 2022