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Head of Commercial Department

Eugene Zagrebelnyi

phone: + 373 69 602 111


Head of International Relations Department

Christina Gritskan

phone: + 373 69 134 788


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Joint Venture Air Company "VALAN INTERNATIONAL CARGO CHARTER" LTD is pleased to offer its services in the field of aviation. Our fleet is composed of 2 AN-26-100 airplanes and 8 Mi-8 MTV-1 helicopters.

Our aviation services:

  • Cargo and passenger air carriage (AN-26-100 and MI-8 MTV-1)
  • Transportation of cargo on external sling (MI-8 MTV-1)
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (AN-26-100 and MI-8 MTV-1)
  • Medical and emergency/casualty evacuation (AN-26-100 and MI-8 MTV-1)
  • Firefighting (MI-8 MTV-1)
  • Other special works.

Aviation services are provided under the following conditions:

  • ACMI (Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance) – provision of aviation services, including provision of aircraft, crew, technical maintenance and insurance.
  • FULL CHARTER additionally to ACMI – provision with accommodation, meals, transport and management in the country where works are performed by our air company.
  • AD HOC CHARTER - Charter flights (charter price includes all costs to fulfill Customer’s request).

We are holding all required certificates and permissions issued by Aviation Authorities of the Republic of Moldova to carry out the above listed operations.