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Christina Gritskan

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Press release concerning helicopter reg. № ER-MGM

Helicopter type Mi 17-1V reg. number ER-MGM operated by Moldavian Air company “Valan International Cargo Charter” worked in Afghanistan under contract with "AIRCRAFT CHARTER SOLUTIONS" UAE, for the prime contractor of United States Government (USG), MAG DS CORP. Helicopter was providing civil airlift support for Afghan National Security Forces. Helicopter arrived in Afghanistan on 30th of October 2015 and was based in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan. On 24th of November helicopter with 3 crew members was operating a scheduled mission transporting 18 afghan personnel. At approximately 15:30 local Afghanistan time a "MAY DAY" call was received from the helicopter crew, informing that helicopter has been hit, is down, and on fire. According to preliminary information the helicopter has performed an emergency landing. Any other information related to the helicopter crew and passengers being killed or captured by insurgents is unconfirmed at this moment.

As soon as additional confirmed data and information is received it will be released to concerned authorities.

Published: November 25, 2015